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Providing a creative competitive advantage in the Federal healthcare contract space since 2017

At Orlaithe, we help our clients maintain fundamentally sound VA Federal Supply Schedule contracts and related contract vehicles with the Government for pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services. Our experts will:

  1. Minimize your potential risks by ensuring quality and timely satisfaction of all contractual, regulatory, and statutory compliance requirements.

  2. Develop competitive pricing strategies and product offerings.

  3. Resolve proposal and contract issues by utilizing our subject matter expertise and our extensive network of contracting personnel within industry, the VA, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

  4. Help you maximize Federal sales opportunities and expand contractual product lines.

  5. Prepare and provide high-quality contractual deliverables.




Greg Madden | Managing Member

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Our Services

PL 102-585 Veterans Health care act of 1992 compliance

Manufacturers of brand name drugs are required to make their products available on the VA' s 65IB, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, & Hematology Related Products, FSS program. Our firm will be with you each step of the way, from establishing your Interim Agreement to submitting an acceptable contract proposal and complying with post-award and annual compliance requirements.

negotiation strategies for proposal award + modifications

Negotiating with the VA requires finesse, strategic structuring, and personal relationship building - at the end of the day, negotiating with the Government is a give and take to find a mutually beneficial outcome. Leveraging our professional relationships with our Government contacts coupled with our knowledge of the VA's contracting process will help you move through this process with ease - ensuring a successful result for all sides.

FSS proposal Submission strategies

Submitting an acceptable FSS proposal is a fierce frontier that requires advice from subject matter experts who were deeply entrenched in the peculiarities of VA FSS contracting. Our firm offers a holisitc approach to the proposal process, ensuring that your submission is current, accurate, + complete, and meets all current regulatory and statutory requirements.

post-award compliance + Deliverables

FSS compliance requirements don't end at contract award - your company must be on its toes to ensure proper reporting for quarterly non-FAMPs, FCPs, sales + IFF, small business subcontracting plans, and annual certifications. We also provide expert assistance in uploading and submitting your GSA Advantage SIP files to VA for review and approval. Make certain you are in compliance throughout the life of your contract with our detail oriented approach to post-award contract management.

Pricing + Tracking customer Strategies

Configuring an FSS price and selecting a Tracking Customer is a bit like the Wild West - there's a lot of potential, but finding something acceptable for the VA is convoluted and arbitrary at best. We take the time to review and understand your commercial sales practices, so that we can provide you with the pricing and tracking customer strategy that best meets your company's needs.

Maximizing Your Federal Revenue Streams

Your FSS contract is the first step in maximizing your Federal revenue streams. We can help you access other contract types with VA, DoD, and other executive agencies, including national requirements contracts, single and multiple-award blanket purchase agreements, DAPAs, MSPV VA formulary, uniform formulary BPAs with DoD, and preparation + submission of FBO proposals.    


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