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10th Annual Federal Pricing and Reporting Conference


Orlaithe is proud to be a part of the CBI Government Pricing Series 10th Annual Federal Pricing and Reporting Conference, November 7-8 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, MD.

2:15p Roundtable Discussion

Defining a Customer - Manufacturer vs. Covered Entity Interpretation

Our Principal, Greg Madden, will be facilitating a roundtable discussion on Defining a Customer - Manufacturer vs. Covered Entity Interpretation. Learn how to navigate the murky waters of defining a customer through expert perspectives and interpretations. Greg will guide speakers as they discuss the implications of different definitions and help provide background as to why this is such a hot button issue.

4:15p Federal Supply Schedule Intricacies, Challenges, and Best Practices

FSS 201 - Federal Supply Schedule Pricing Intricacies and Contract Renewal

Join Greg as he takes a deep dive into optimizing contracting FSS and ensuring contract compliance. They will discuss:

  • Challenges and strategies when adding new products to FSS;

  • Renewing your FSS, challenges and strategies to streamline data collection;

  • Best practices for determining fair and reasonable pricing;

  • Establishing best tracking customers for future disclosures;

  • Refreshments of the 65IB pharmaceutical and 65IIA medical equipment and supply Schedule solicitations.

Grab a business card from Greg after his sessions at the Networking Wine and Cheese Reception immediately after the final session of day 1. He will be available to answer your questions and schedule follow-up meetings to discuss your firm’s healthcare contracting needs!