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What's new in the world of FSS?

Of course, throughout the 2-days NAC Industry Conference, the biggest topic of discussion was the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and how to make it better for everyone involved. In his presentation, Dan Shearer, the new FSS Service Director, spent quite a bit of time talking about the troubles faced by FSS and how they are actively trying to address them. So, how are they meeting their stated goal of “improving price, quality, speed, + choice of FSS”?

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The Government shutdown and your federal healthcare contracts

We are in the 21st day of a partial Government shutdown resulting from a disagreement between Congress and President Trump over funding for additional border security. If this goes through the weekend without an agreement, we will be in the longest shutdown in recorded history. The news of the shutdown is dominating 24-hr news cycles and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. You may be wondering if this affects your federal healthcare contracts, specifically your VA Federal Supply Schedule contracts and associated vehicles. Orlaithe has gone through the chaff so you don’t have to – here’s what you need to know…

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